Analytics & Reporting Dashboard For Magento

Dive deep into comprehensive reports and analytics that tell the story of your Magento store. Get to know your most popular customers and most profitable marketing channels with Razzo's analytics & reporting dashboard.

Issues With Standard Magento Reporting

E-commerce store owners tend to run into a few issues if they're using Magento without a dashboard like Razzo.

For one, Magento by itself just isn't that accurate. Its reporting capabilities often don't drill down deep enough to give you any meaningful insights.

Plus, the data that Magento does give you can be pretty time-consuming to obtain. You often need to know Magento in and out to extract the precise data that you're looking for. This becomes especially tricky considering that Magento's widgets aren't ready-made: more often than not, you're going to be spending plenty of time wrangling with Magento's rigid interface to extract data that isn't all that precise in the first place!

What is Razzo?

Razzo is the tool for all your e-commerce needs. Designed as an extension for any small to medium-sized Magento stores, Razzo takes the worry out of running data & analytics technicalities so you can focus on what you do best: managing your online store!

If you're running a Magento-driven business, you need quick, high-level access to your store's performance. With Razzo, you can get these insights through a ready-made dashboard with a single click of your mouse.

Managing multiple Magento stores? Razzo lets you integrate them all instantly and displays metrics for each. Discover who your customers are and where they come from and find your highest-priority KPIs and metrics in one convenient location.

  • A Ready-made Dashboard for Magento in One Click

    Easily access all critical customer and sales info at the click of a button. Seamlessly store all relevant data in one place so you can track your progress later.

  • Integrate all your Magento Stores

    Managing all your Magento stores at once has never been easier! Get insight into all of your e-commerce data on one page, no need for unnecessary back-and-forth!

  • Instantly Access all Relevant Metrics

    Got a few seconds to spare? Razzo extracts the main metrics and gives you a visual representation of your e-commerce performance in just one click. Our graphs are highly intuitive so you can swiftly highlight your successes and areas of improvement.

Magento Advanced Reporting

Drill down into detailed reports for your Magento-based business. Get tailored data that tells you more about your customers, conversions, and sales across your different marketing channels.

You can read more about the eCommerce dashboard there

Total Revenue

You may know what your revenue looks like -- but do you know every source to which you can attribute it?

With Razzo, you can tie your payment data to each part of your store's marketing funnel. Razzo presents you with reporting for revenue that's accurate and attributable.

Total Number of Orders

It’s not enough to break down your revenue stream if you don’t know what your customers are purchasing.

Use Razzo to track your total number of orders placed over a period of time of your choosing.

Weekday Sales

Pinpoint key metrics tied to your customers' weekday transactions. Track the transactions you've closed and the revenue you've earned that week.

Coupon Sales

Analyze and report on how well your promotions via coupon redemptions are going.

Let Razzo make it easier to fine-tune your promotion campaigns and increase repeat transactions.

Average Basket Size

Get to know more about your customers' purchasing behaviors by measuring how much they buy in a single transaction.

Analyze your average basket size to see whether your discounts and promotions are influencing how many items your customers purchase each time they visit your Magento store.

Average bakset size

Orders Per Customer

See whether your orders per customer are increasing or decreasing over time with Razzo’s analytics and reporting. Track who’s ordering what and when and use your findings to influence your customer retention and ultimate satisfaction.

Magento Customer Analytics

Instantly access real-time info about your Magento store's customers and proactively react to their behaviors and transactions.

Find Customers’ First Order

Your relationship with your customers starts with their first orders. Use our customer analytics to see which of your products catch the eyes of new customers.

Total Revenue of Specific Customers

Your most loyal customers purchase the most products. Analyze the behavior of your biggest spenders and understand how much they’re contributing to your revenue.

Determine if a Customer Is a Discount Buyer

It wasn't too long ago that online-based brands didn't have the dexterity to see which customers of theirs were purchasing items at a discount.

With Razzo, you gain the dexterity you need to identify who's buying what at discounts based on your aggregated customer data.

Find Out How Many Returns a Specific Customer Has Made

Returns made by customers are inevitable, but with Razzo, keeping those returns to a minimum is more than possible. See how many returns specific customers have made to better tailor your targeted outreach, promotions, and loyalty programs.

Top 10 Products for a Specific Customer

Looking for popular products that are trending among your customers? Razzo has you covered.

Gain a stronger grasp on the products your different customers love most and start customizing your customer outreach based on your findings.

Average Basket Size for a Specific Customer

Your customers' average basket size (ABS) is the average number of products they've purchased in a single transaction.

With an ABS for each of your store's customers, you can more easily measure how well your Magento store is performing and, of course, better understand what drives your customers' purchasing behavior.

Magento Product Analytics

Find out which of your products your customers love most -- and find out who's buying them, too.

Razzo's Magento Product Analytics report on your products' statistical data and product-related metrics, so you can discover how to drive more conversions.

Number Of Units Sold

Take advantage of trends in your sales by analyzing your number of units sold. Track your sales over different times of the year to understand who's buying how much and when.

Total Revenue of Products

Size up your sales with the total revenue of your products sold.

Reorder Frequency of Products

Know the saying "the devil's in the details"? It holds truer than ever if you're learning what your customers love by watching how frequently they reorder.

Magento Product Recommendations

With standard Magento product recommendations/upsells/cross sells, you can manually set product recommendations for every product. It is very time consuming to set up, and maintain, and if you do not have the data, you kind of need to guess or think a lot about which products you add.

Product recommendations with a magento module

Or you can buy module/extensions that auto creates product recommendations on product pages. There is a lot of modules out there, from many different suppliers; like Amasty, AheadWorks, Mageplaza etc.
With these modules, you setup rules for how the module should find and add related products, upsell products or cross sell products.

Magento Product recommendations with external services

Another option is to use a third party service, that will sync and setup recommendations in your store, based on your order data and visitor traffic. It could be services like, HelloRetail and
These kind of services, demands a module to be installed in your Magento, for connecting your magento with their platform. These services offers multiple kinds of serviices, like product recommendations to be shown other places than the native magento product pages placements. It could be on category pages, cart page or homepage. Services like Clerk, HelloRetail and Klevu, offer a Smart search, which is kind of their main products. So it will after som setup, replace your current Magento Search.
As you can guess, it set a demand for some customization and changes to you store, and it is not cheap.

Product recommendations done by

When you have a account, you can enable product recommendation sync to your Magento. If you do this, Razzo will sync our product recommendations to your native placements on product pages. You don’t need to install any module, or buy any add-ons. The recommendation we will sync, it the one you find under Product Analytics for a specific product in your Razzo account, and is based on your Sales data.

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