New Big Feature Release

Good things can get even better! 

We have just deployed a new feature update and added some very cool features to improve your Razzo experience.

No Credit Card required

The 30-day trial period is now credit-card-free. This way, you can securely demo our product and see if it works for you – no strings attached!

Shipmondo Integration

Make the best of two worlds with streamlined integration. 

Our new Shipmondo dashboard feature allows you to easily access all your shipping information at the click of a mouse. This includes shipping costs along with tracking and delivery times.

Wondering how to set it up? Check out our guide:

New Product Widget

Our new product widget highlights the top-10 products with the highest return % over a set time frame.

This feature is especially popular among fashion industry professionals who use it to identify what products need improved descriptions. 

Check your industry peers’ progress and gain insight into the ins and outs of their return rate strategy.

Combined Dashboard

When your multiple Connections (store views in Magento) share the same Currencies, you can consolidate all of your stores onto a single dashboard. From there, you can monitor total revenue, order status and progress easily and from one place.

Auto Customer Segmentation

Thanks to Razzo’s new auto segmentation feature, you can now filter your customers based on their interaction with your brand. 

Below you can see our pre-set segments:

Whats’ more, you can customize your own segments to track rule orders, time frame, revenue, and more:

 Magento Product Recommendations Synching  (Scale Plan Only)

All SCALE subscribers can now enable product recommendation synching to their Magento platform. 

Razzo will link our product recommendations to your native placements on product pages in real time, no module or  add-ons needed.

 Recommendations can be found under Product Analytics in your Razzo account along with Sales data.

Extended Customer Analytics

We have extended our Customer Page to include more order and order status data.

Coupon Manager

 Track your coupon codes’ performance, popularity, and impact on your business:

Card Payment information

Get deeper insight into your audience’s preferred payment methods. 

With our new Razzo feature, you can now know what card type has been used for each purchase:

TV Mode

Our new monitor-optimized  URL lets your employees keep track of your shop’s performance. 

You can manage what widgets are shown on the dashboard and within what interval.


We have fixed a few minor style and design bugs and optimized discount, coupon, and catalog rules calculations.

Moreover, we have resolved an inventory-management bug in our Top-10 section that showed ID in lieu of SKU (Stock Keeping Unit).